Our Southern California environment is diverse in habitat and reliant on limited imported resources. There is positive change in our collective values as it pertains to the environment, a renewed appreciation for sustainable design, and more intelligent use of the region’s most precious resource—water.


Regionally appropriate designs become increasingly important in site planning and the art and science of landscape architecture. It is entirely possible to create and implement landscapes that fulfill the desires and vision, developed by the designer and the client, and reflect stewardship of these resources.

Every project is unique given its location, scale, program, budget and desired image. Our design approach and process allows us to discover opportunities and develop appropriate solutions. Environs has 40 years of experience and dedication in partnering with our clients to achieve excellence in site planning, design, material selection, and implementation.

A lifetime of living, working, and immersing in the regional environment has allowed us to become experts in the diverse specialties of the practice of landscape architecture, and makes Environs uniquely qualified to design and facilitate land development and renovation projects.